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2020 Annual Catholic Appeal
As Of Percent of Goal   Amount
2 0 2 0  G o a l  =  $ 38 , 0 0 0
March 16, 2020 77% of Goal   $29,230.00 $21,264.00 $  7,966.00
March 9, 2020 74% of Goal   $28,000.00 $19,950.00 $  8,050.00
March 4, 2020 72% of Goal   $27,390.00 $19,010.00 $  8,380.00
February 21, 2020 38% of Goal   $14,500.00 $12, 495.00 $  2,005.00

2020 Annual Catholic Appeal LogoThe 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal - Bishop O’Connell seeks the support of all the members of the diocese to further the work of our ministries. Each of us has a vital part in all we do in Christ’s name, and each of us can share in all we do with a gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal. Our single Act of Faith propels the works of love that build up our Church. You make that happen with our generous gift to the ACA.

This year St. Catherine of Siena’s share of the goal is $38,000.00.

As the people of the Diocese of Trenton, you have an opportunity to help others see Christ working in our midst. We truly need everyone to participate. I ask you to take a moment and truly reflect on any help you can give. This year we are striving to do our parish fair share towards helping the Diocese reach the goal of $7 million.

I am always grateful and moved by the level of support you give to our parish. I thank you for this support, and may God continue to bless you and your family. —  Father Angelito

Each year the Diocese holds the Annual Catholic Appeal. Through the Annual Catholic Appeal, we put our faith into action, being mindful not only of our own parish community but of the larger community as well to which we belong. When a parish collects funds equal to their ACA goal, they receive a 15% rebate. Funds collected in excess of the parish goal earn an added 50% rebate. Please make your pledge and help us meet our goal for this year. For further information, please contact Laura Randazzo at passociate@sienachurch.org.

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