St. Catherine of Siena Parish
Farmingdale, New Jersey

2018 The Giving Tree

Christmas Tree

The St. Catherine of Siena Giving Tree, our parish-wide effort to help make Christmas a little brighter for local seniors, families and children in need, has been set up in the vestibule. Please help make someone’s life a little cheerier by choosing one or more paper ornaments, purchasing the requested gift(s), and returning them to church by Sunday, December 2.

Each tag contains information about a specific gift recipient and their gift request. To allow all to participate, the cost of the gifts vary from a few dollars to perhaps the cost of a coat. After you select an ornament (s), please do your best to purchase the requested gift so no one will be disappointed.

Place the unwrapped gift in a bag and attach the ORIGINAL PAPER ORNANAMENT to the outside of the bag. It is important that the ornament be attached to the gift as this is the only method we have for distributing the gifts to the proper individual.

All gifts MUST be returned to the Church vestibule NO LATER than Sunday, December 2. Your timely return of the gifts will ensure that they are distributed on time to the different organizations and individuals needing assistance.

Thank you for your generosity and giving spirit.